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Centrifugal Pump, Centrifugal Pumps Supplier & Manufacturer in India, Centrifugal Pumps Exporter "Malhar Pumps" is a premium Centrifugal Pump manufacturer and supplier in India. It export wide range of centrifugal pumps with high quality and affordable cost in global market like Oil & Gas, Chemical Process, Power, Industrial Applications industries.

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Pioneers in the industry for the easy way to transfer Gases Like LPG, We are glade to inform you that we are offering different types of LPG pump, electric operated LPG pump(AC LPG pump), battery operated LPG pump(DC LPG pumps), manual LPG pump, rotary vane pump from India. Meeting the requirements of handling highly compressed gases, LPG AC pump offered are developed as per defined industry parameters and also meet the defined safety standards for handling gases like LPG. Coming with non-sparking features, the construction material used also matches with the requirements of handling LPG gas application. We are exporting our pump to globally in countries like all African countries, gulf countries, south-Asian countries. Feel free to contact us for any technical information,
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STAINLESS STEEL SELF PRIMING PUMP IN CHENNAI, INDIA INR 0 INR 0 FEATURES:- All wetted parts of pumps are made from lost wax process (investment casting), so excellent surface finish. smooth flow path/ hydraulic passage and no casting defects like blow holes, cracks etc. Centripetal / regenerative impeller for better suction. Pumps will be normally available in CF-8m /CF-8 (Gun metal, Alloy-20) and also in other material as fee customer's requirements. Single /multistage pumps to handle crystal cleat liquids for high pressure duties. Very quick priming, no need of foot valves. Able to handle temperature up to 80 C Trolley mounted available. Also available with 120 Volt / 60 Hz. Custom built pumps available True 1474012925
CAST IRON/BRONZE MULTISTAGE PUMP INR 0 INR 0 Applications and Industries: Irrigation – Sprinkler Installations Pressure Boosting – Multistage story Building – Hydro – Pneumatic Water Works Fire Fighting – Mining wash down Applications Hydraulic press / Circuits transfer & circulation hot & cold water Boiler feed pumps – Condensate pumps Features: Vertically split suction. intermediate and discharge casings clamped together by external tie bolt and sealed with gaskets or 'O' ring as required by the design, pumping temperature of the liquid pumped and the construction of the pump Grease lubricated Antifriction Bearings designed to meet the requirements mounted on either side True 1474013255
Polypropelene Pumps
Polypropelene Pumps INR 0 INR 0 Features : Monobloc Pump PP - 2/3/4 Small size bare / monoblac poly propelene pumps. Fitted with seal / gland or PTFE bellow Mechanical seal. Shaft is of SS-304 / 316 with ceramic coating and (PTFE coating optional) Very economical models as pumps made with minimum parts. Very easy maintanance. True 1474013419
POLYPROPELENE PUMP - MHPP INR 0 INR 0 APPLICATION Water treatment Plant Effluent Treatment Filter Press for dyes and chemicals Fertilizer Plants Thermal and atomic power plants Drugs & Pharmaceutical Industries Descaling of Tubes Scrubbing of corrosive gases like C12 , Br , I So2 , NH3 , F2 Etc. Excellent for vacuum ejectors Transferring of concentrated HCL from road tankers Paper & Pulp industries Pickling in steel rolling mills True 1474013668
VERTICAL GLANDLESS PP PUMP INR 0 INR 0 OPERATION ADVANTAGES OF GLANDLESS PUMP:- The recognizable leading improvement is the deletion of problems get to your feet from the use of powered seal, insulation box and inside bearing. The aptitude of pump to run dry eliminates single reason of interruption which is regularly attributable to the human component this feature is very convenient in process needing continuous transference of a corrosive fluid with a high gradation of reliability e.g. Disposal of acid effluent. The glandless pumps lend itself to process incorporating automatic control of a pump discharge valve. The "controlled leakage" acts as an integral by-pass. The pump suffers no ill effects if the discharge valve is partially or fully closed. True 1474013967
GLANDLESS PP PUMP INR 0 INR 0 FEATURES:- Seal less Gland less Non magnetic driven Working principle: we have made shaft and stuffing box long and provide special arrangement in stuffing box with groove on shaft in such a way that liquid which come out from stuffing box will go back again to casing . True 1474016419
VERTICAL SINGLE STAGE CENTRIFUGAL PUMP INR 0 INR 0 APPLICATIONS:-“MALHAR” Volute casing IN-LINE centrifugal pumps Type MIL are space saving pump units designed for easy installation and are used generally for circulating clean non-aggressive fluids. Water Supply Systems Water circulation / Transfer Hot water Circulation Agriculture Industry Ship Building Cooling Towers And many other Applications True 1474016685
VERTICALMULTISTAGEINLINEPUMP INR 0 INR 0 FEATURES:- Highly Efficient Hydraulics Design Fabricated Components Less Friction in system (Pressed Components) No Expensive Foundation Required Easy Installations Small Floor Space APPLICATIONS:-Vertical multistage centrifugal pumps type MC are designed for a wide range of applications. Water supply systems. Water Circulation /Water Treatment Plant Hydro Pneumatic Systems / Condensate transfer. Agriculture /Industrial Washing Coolant Circulation. Boiler Feeding / Fire Fighting / Booster Applications. Ship Building / RO-DM Plants. Sprinkle Irrigation. True 1474017132
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